Brand : desa di saulle giovannina

Wood oven, with stainless steel trolley

The wood oven for domestic use (or small communities) is ready to use, with internal dimensions in cm (60 x 60). The exterior and 304 stainless steel which is durable to wear and corrosion. The baking Chamber is completely in refractory bricks, including upper volta (besides the pizza is special for baking bread ) and is assembled without the use of adhesives or cement products, ceramic fibre insulated. The width of the oven and 76 cm and passes from one port to 80 cm. The door (double wall) in a dynamic functionality, in addition to closing, as it is open works like support shovel. The entire structure blends in perfectly with your home environment. Elegance and technology with tradition of refractory bricks are well combined in this revolutionary oven.


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