Brand : Whole Stix

Whole Stix Bamboo Marshmallow Roasting Barbecue Sticks Extra Long Bamboo Skewers Perfect for Hot Dog Camping Bonfires 100% Biodegradable 150 Pc

you will love them for many reasons:

1.No need to clean. If you are at a camp site and you hate washing dishes! I won’t feel bad if we chose to burn a few of these each trip.

2.These are really long… like, as long as the beauty leg leg You can stay back from the fire and not worry about burning yourself. can throw a bunch in our camper so you can have some when we go camping AND keep a bunch at home for backyard fire pit use.

4.These bamboo roasting sticks are extremely well made. They are 36″ long so you can stay far enough away from any fire to keep from getting
burned. They are strong enough to hold a couple of hot dogs or as many marshmallows as you want. I was expecting them to be a bit “rustic” but
they’re not. They are sanded to a smooth finish and are perfectly straight. The point is sharpened just the right amount to pierce a marshmallow
or hot dog without being dangerous to humans.

5.GREAT VALUE – Get more for your money with Jungle Stix: 150 sticks per unit will last you through several seasons and many fun occasions.


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