Brand : VAVO

VAVO Propane Refill Adapter for QCC1/Type1 Fits All 1lb Propane Gas Grill Throwaway Bottle Cylinder Tanks- 100% Solid Brass Regulator Valve Accessory


*For QCC1/Type1 cylinder tank and 1lb small prpane cylinder tank.
*Easy and quick to install and allow you to use 1 LB propane cylinder with your standard BBQ grill.
*Use it for BBQ, Camping Stoves, Propane Heater, Propane Lantern,Welding Torch, or anything that uses propane.
*Geat for Camping Gear, RV Enthusiast, Outdoorsmen, and thrifty home owners preparing for emergency power outages.


1. Put your empty 1 lb cylinders in a freezer for a couple of hours.
2. Attach the coupler to your 5lb to 50 lb propane tank.
3. Attach your 1 lb. tank (fresh from the freezer) to the adapter.
4. Pick up your large tank and turn it upside down and rest it securely on the corner of your picnic table.
5. Open the propane valve and shut it off when the flow of liquid propane stops.
6. Turn everything right side up and remove the 1 lb. cylinder.
7. Repeat as necessary.


-You need to turn your bulk tank upside down so liquid flows out of it. -You need to chill your empty tanks so that there is a lower vapor pressure in the empty tank than the bulk tank. -Your refilled tanks will not be totally full, but this is good because over filling can cause them to vent gas if left in a hot place.


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