Brand : Twin Eagles

Twin Eagles TEBC30-CL 30 Inch Built-In Propane Gas Dine And Breakfast Club

The Twin Eagles TEBC30-C-L 30 Inch Built-In Propane Gas Dine and Breakfast Club lets you extend your grilling time to all hours of the day. From an early morning outdoor breakfast with family to a late evening gathering of friends. The stainless steel griddle surface allows you to cook a variety of foods that cannot be cooked on a traditional grill. This unit features: A stainless steel griddle with a solid 1/4-inch thick griddle surface, a thermostat control that includes a heat on indicator light, a hot surface ignition with a safety gas valve which makes lighting your burner easier and more reliable than ever, a stainless steel griddle burner with 20,000 BTUs, two dual ring European sealed burners that produce a total of 35,000 BTUs, a stainless steel “S” grate which allows easy movement for pots and pans, a battery powered electric ignition system that makes the burners simple to light, controls that can precisely control the temperature range anywhere from 200 – 550 degrees Fahrenheit (93 – 287 degrees Celsius), stainless steel top covers that protect your burners and griddle from the elements when not in use, LED lights on the controls which add both style and functionality.


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