Brand : TrueFire Gourmet

TrueFire Gourmet TFbaking14-1 Cedar Oven Roasting Plank, 9 by 14-Inch

TrueFire brand Oven Roaster is made from 100% Western Red Cedar only sourced sustainably managed forests. Our brand carries the SFI logo (Sustainable Forest Initiative) giving you confidence that TrueFire is environmentally responsible Cooking with easy is easy, simply use in place of a baking sheet or tray. The TrueFire Oven Roaster contains a recessed area to capture any juices. There is no mess and easy to clean. The oven roaster will add a sweet subtle smoky flavor to you favorite foods, perfect for all types of meat, roasts, seafood, fruits, veggies and cheese, Use in the oven up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Create a unique and exciting cooking experience by using TrueFire Oven Roaster.


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