Brand : Techniice

Techniice Signature Series Ice Chest, 45 L

Techniice Decided to Design the WORLD’S BEST ICE BOX and engaged a team of Renowned International Industrial Designers coupled with specialists from the Cold Chain solutions industry with expert knowledge in Thermal science. The bung is a huge 2″ diameter (about the size of a tow ball). This allows the box to be emptied quickly when leaving a camp site especially as there could be still many large chunks of ice left after weeks of camping that can be emptied through this bung. This box incorporates a fully moulded and integrated hinge system designed to last for a life time even in commercial applications. Dual Handles, Heavy duty reinforced nylon handles with comfortable hand grips plus comfortable recessed carry ledge handles in the top body of the box. Tie down points are provided via the rope handles or the integrated points on the base of the box. If you are in the market for the best ice box with outstanding ice keeping ability and structural strength this is the best there is. In nearly 30 years in this industry we have never seen anything in the world that comes close to this. These hand finished boxes are likely to be in short supply for quite a while so if you want one we would highly recommend you place your order now to secure one from our first production which is selling fast. Techniice is the actual brand used by Department of Defence, CFA, SES, Police, Ambulance, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Dept of Primary industries, Royal Flying Doctor Service, McDonalds, Australian Navy, Air Force, Coles and thousands of other companies and government departments worldwide that require the highest level of cold chain performance and reliability.Techniice products do much more than just excel in hot weather. These are the same boxes which are relied on to provide icy cold drinks for weary firefighters during bushfires in conditions where constant radiant heat can blister paint on trucks. Now that’s Hot!


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