Brand : Sukragraha

Sukragraha 1pc Outdoor Windproof Fireplaces Barbecue Grill Refillable Gas Lighter Tool Utility [Please fill in Butane before First Use]

Long refillable butane Windproof lighter for fireplace,BBQ grill,candles.

Easy to light without burning your finger.

These Lighter are shipped WITHOUT Butane. (No Butane according to Shipping Regulation)

Please fill in Butane before First Use.

The color of shipped product is random.

HAPPY BBQ Life!~ 🙂

TIPSRefueling your butane lighter:

Always bleed your butane tank before refueling.
Bleeding your butane tank releases all the air that has been trapped in the tank and any unused butane that hasn’t been used.

Always bleed your butane lighter tank away from any flames and people and please do not smoke when you are doing this.
You could catch something on fire.


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