Brand : Sizzlin'

Sizzlin’s Digital Quick Read Kitchen and Meat Thermometer – Battery Included! (White)

Whether you are a beginner or chef, an instant read thermometer is an essential tool anyone should have in their kitchen. Remove the guesswork and take control of your cooking with Sizzlin’s quick read meat thermometer! Most Versatile Cooking Thermometer – The Only Thermometer You’ll Need For Your BBQ & Your Kitchen Unlike other thermometers, this digital thermometer is really built for any use. The 4.3 inch probe is long enough for big roasts or tall glasses, while staying short enough to be easily manipulated. The tapered probe reduces the food print to a minimum. The measuring range allows you to use it for nearly anything! Get the Right Temperature Without Waiting Sizzlin’s thermometer provides readings in 4-7 seconds with an impressive accuracy: the best performance you can find for this price range. The 1 AAA battery (included) provides an extended life. Easy to Use and Complete Features No calibration required. Switch temperature units to the push of a button. Press the “Hold” button to keep a reading after removing the probe. An auto-off feature saves your battery life. Sizzlin’s thermometer is simple and easy, and yet provides features most thermometers don’t have.


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