Brand : SHARKK

SHARKK Digital Grill Thermometer Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer Probe with Cooking Timer High Temperature Range BBQ Kitchen Thermometer

Cook all your favorite dishes to perfections with the Digital Grill thermometer by SHARKK. Compact and lightweight, the thermometer
comes with a large LCD that displays accurate cooking temperature each and every time. The stainless steel probe plugs
right into the thermometer and can quickly/accurately display temperature information regardless of how long your food has been
cooking. It’s perfect for outdoor BBQue-ing or family holiday dinners.

The clock/alarm function allows you to keep track of foods cooking time and can alert you when the time finished. So you will
never have to worry about over or under cooking your favorite meals.

The SHARKK Digital Grill Thermometer has a temperature range of 300 degrees and a time duration of close to 24 hours, so there is
no reason Why all your favorite dishes should not come out jus the way you like them.

Compact, Solid Design
The Digital Grill thermometer is super lightweight and easy carry around. Perfect for the home or outdoor cooking.

Alarm/Timer function lets you gauge cooking time so your dishes cook to perfection.

High Temperature range
The Grill Thermometer is guaranteed to give you an accurate read regardless of how long your food has been on the grill or in the oven.

SHARKK®is a consumer electronics brand by the people, for the people.The insights we get from our growing community of
savvy shoppers are at the core of our well-designed, high-performing products, tailored to your modern lifestyle.

By focusing on the consumer, we make it our mission to maintain the highest standards of a premium-product experience –
without the premium price tag.


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