Brand : Mellow Roasters

Set of 5-Telescopic 32″ Marshmallow Roasting Sticks- Great for Roasting Marshmallows, Smores, and Hotdogs over Campfires and Firepits

Not just a great price, but quality too!

– With these 32 inch telescopic stainless steel roasting forks, you can be sure to keep you and your family safe from the flames.Wooden handle for gripping and free Canvas bag for storage.

The perfect solution to all of your roasting needs!

No more looking for random sticks and branches in the woods. Sit back and relax around the campfire with these easy to store, durable sticks perfect for roasting Hot Dogs, Marshmallows, or S’mores.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Order now while supplies last.


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