Brand : Seeutek

Seeutek Propane Refill Adapter – Safest Tank Fill Attachment – This Brass Regulator Valve Accessory Fits All 1 lb Cylinder Tanks


With this adapter you are not able to overfill the smaller bottles it will only put in the tank as much as it can hold, you are also able to back fill into larger tank if you got in a situation where your larger tank runs dry.

Hook up the smaller cylinder with this adapter and it will equalize the pressure between the two tanks.

Compare with others ,ours has a safety feature. When flow capacity is too high, ours will automatically close at the end. This feature controls the flow capacity of the propane transfer and ensures the tank will NEVER overflow. This protects you from dangerously overfilling your tank while theirs not.


To use Adaptor to Refill 1 LB. Cylinders from 20-40 LB. Tank Important: Always start with an EMPTY cylinder.

Before refilling, chill the smaller empty 1 LB. cylinder for 15-20 minutes in the fridge (for best fill). Have full larger tank at room temperature (never exceed 85°F).


Connect left-hand threaded lug of adapter to tank Connect right-hand threaded cap of adapter to 1 LB. cylinder (hand tighten)

Turn 1 LB. cylinder and tank upside down

Open valve on tank for several minutes until you can no longer hear the propane transfer. Then shut valve off.

Return 1 LB. cylinder and tank to upright position.

Disconnect smaller 1 LB. cylinder FIRST.

Inspect 1 LB. cylinder for leaks: Place a small amount of ½ liquid soap ½ water solution on cylinder opening and on relief valve. If bubbles appear, discard smaller cylinder in a safe area.

Package Included:

1 Adapter Only Propane Tank Refill Adaptor


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