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Save 50 ★ Insulated Barbecue Gloves ★ Heat Resistant Safe ★ Bamboo Viscose® Fiber Comfort ★ Best Accessories for BBQ Grilling Smoking Oven ★ Versatile Silicone Grips ★ Deodorize ★ Lifetime Guarantee

INFERNO Barbecue Gloves Protect And Care For Your Hands Like No Other

Beware of imitations and false claims. The original authentic first-in-industry bamboo viscose fiber BBQ gloves are made from premium grade hybrid natural composite materials for that ultimate protection, comfort, control and quality – Guaranteed. Highly rated by real pit master for bbq, grilling and smoking.

• High heat resistant (662F/350C)
• High dexterity for freedom, flexibility and agility
• Wrap hands in contour fitting inner liners for intimate comfort

Natural Green Product

Designed and engineered to protect the ecosystem by careful selection of build materials that are safe for humans and environment

Best Grilling Gloves For Grill Lovers

• Perfect smoking gloves insulated against grill heat. Don’t catch or melt on open fire
• Designed to fit most hands. Cover wrist well
• Breathable sweat absorbent liners plus deodorize agent. Hands are cool, dry and fresh
• Lightweight yet robust. Versatile easy handling and storage
• Non-slip textured silicone grips are FDA safe. For superior grip and extra safety. Beware: PVC silicone grill gloves heat resistant are bad – grips melt and are harmful.
• Easy clean and hand-washable. No special maintenance required
• Glow in the dark fluorescent reflectors

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No Frills Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

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