Brand : Titan Attachments

Rotisserie Grill Roaster Stainless Steel 25W 125LBS capacity BBQ charcoal pig

Now you can roast like the pros in your own back yard. This stainless steel rotisserie roaster grill from Titan is ideal for roasting large game up to 125LBS. You can roast whole chickens, hog, goat, or lamb with almost no effort. The reflective surface of the stainless steel frame reflects and focuses the heat from the coals to the meat. This cuts down on cooking time, saves coals, and adds flavor from smoke.

– High quality stainless steel 
– Strong 25W electric motor for large roasts 
– Heavy duty spit rod holds entire animal for roasting 
– Locking caster included for portability 
– Saves charcoal by directing heat to the meat 
– 3 tier cooking height adjustment

– Spit length: 51″ 
– Motor capacity: 125 LBS. 
– Motor power: 25W 
– Speed: 4RPM 
– Weight: 76 LBS 
– Material: Stainless Steel

WARNING: Fuels used in wood or charcoal burning appliances, and the products of combustion of such fuels, contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.


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