Propane Hose with Low Pressure Regulator Connection for QCC1/Tpye 1 Tank and LP Gas Grill and Propane Appliances CSA Certified (5ft)

* Length: 5 Feet / 60 Inch
* Apply to: Heater, Stove, Fire Pit Table, Gas Grill
* Inlet Pressure: 25-250PSIG
* Outlet Pressure: 11″ W.C.
* End Connector: 5/8″ outside diameter, 3/8″ female flare swivel nut
* Certificate: CSA

This low pressure propane regulator with hose is designed to be used with propane burners. The model is adjustable and has an output of 11″ W.C..Rated at max 95000 BTU per hour.


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