Brand : HearthDistribution

Multi Kabaob Rotisserie Attachment

Smoke-N-Hot SNH-MBR Multi-Kabob Rotisserie AttachmentIncrease the capabilities of your Smoke-N-Hot pellet grill with a single cooking accessory: the Smoke-N-Hot SNH-MBR Multi-Kabob Rotisserie Attachment. This attachment is capable of holding up to eight skewers, allowing you to easily make diverse meals for the whole family. Cook shrimp to perfection or get a skewer of squash and other vegetables sizzling just how you like it with this great grill accessory.Durable Cooking UtensilThe Smoke-N-Hot SNH-MBR Multi-Kabob Rotisserie Attachment is constructed from 304 grade stainless steel. As such, you can expect this cooking utensil to last for many years and to hold up against the heat of the grill. The manufacturer also provides a five year limited warranty, for added peace of mind.Compatible with Smoke-N-Hot GrillsThe Smoke-N-Hot SNH-MBR Multi-Kabob Rotisserie Attachment is compatible with the:Smoke-N-Hot Pro line of grillsSmoke-N-Hot Supreme line of grillsThe attachment is adjustable to fit either line, and is cost-effective, since it will instantly expand the capabilities of your barbecue. For safe cooking of skewered-food, with an even cook each and every time, the Multi-Kabob Rotisserie Attachment from Smoke-N-Hot is an essential for chefs.


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