Brand : Out Walkabout

Large New Zealand Gourmet Wood Smoker Chips, BBQ Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling,100% Manuka 1in Wood Chips, 3.27L (200 cu in)

100% Organic, kiln dried New Zealand Manuka Wood Chips for Smoking and Grilling will make your next BBQ experience a marvel. This unique wood imparts a rich, yet delicately sweet flavor. It is wonderful for smoking salmon and other fish, and just about any meat you can imagine. Just put the chips in your smoker box or envelop and place on a hot grill. Once the chips start smoking add your meat or fish and you’re on your way to a marvelously unique meal. 100% Money Back Guarantee if purchased from an authorized dealer (Out Walkabout). FREE SHIPPING for orders of $35 or more! Comes with a FREE Smoked Salmon Recipe!


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