Brand : Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe KJ23NRSH Classic Joe Stand Alone, Red

Make Kamado Joe part of your permanent backyard setup with a Classic 18″ Stand Alone. Designed be “built in”, the Stand Alone offers all of the grilling prowess of the Classic 18″ but with upgraded stainless steel top vent, handles, bands and hinge for long lasting durability and a premium look. BEST BUILT, Flat out the best ceramic grill on the planet. That may be a bold statement, but we invite you to look under the hood and see for yourself. If you compare Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill with other ceramic grills on the market, you’ll soon recognize that Kamado Joe’s the best built grill on the market and that fit and finish are second to none. But there’s a lot more to a Kamado Joe grill than meets the eye. MOST VERSATILE. We may call Kamado Joe a grill, but it’s really that and a whole lot more. A key advantage of Kamado Joe’s ceramic vessel is its ability to insulate. Not only does this require less total heat for cooking, it also lets you cook at significantly higher temperatures or at very low temperatures for a significantly longer time. Combine this with the ability to not only control, but fine-tune temperature, and you get a grill that is extremely versatile. Grill, Smoke, Sear, Bake. BEST WARRANTY. We back them like we build them. Kamado Joe comes with a Lifetime Warranty on ceramic parts and free shipping on all warranty parts.


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