Brand : Gingatrading

Japanese Charcoal (Oga Sumi) 22lb

Oga sumi is a traditional high quality charcoal * Oga sumi Charcoal is Great for BBQ, Shabu Shabu,
made by burning wood in the absence of oxygen. Our modern carbonization process produces strong and high density charcoal. Its unique hexagonal shape provides efficient storage, wide surface area, and easy stacking of charcoal during usage. The round hole that runs through the middle ensures air inflow for efficient burning.
By using tropical hardwood sawdust as our material, it can burn longer and hotter with high calorific value and unique properties of hardwood. The complete carbonization process also makes the charcoal smokeless and consistent. We made our charcoal very high density to help you save on storage space, to produce greater heat and longer burning hours.  We believe your food deserves only pure aroma from the charcoal, and nothing else.


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