Brand : Handi Flame

Handi Flame Refillable Multi-Purpose, Refillable Butane Lighter (Pack of 3) for Barbecues, Fireplaces, Candles, Lanterns, Pilot Lights, Camping, Heaters, and Gas Stoves.

The HANDi Flame® Butane-Refillable Gas Lighter is ideal for BBQs, charcoal/gas grills, fireplaces, camping, lanterns, stoves, campfires, candles, pilot lights, water heaters, ovens and furnaces, etc. Reliable, affordable and cost-effective, HANDi Flame® lighters are considered the perfect choice by many: – Useful because of its extended lighter for use to get in hard to reach places. – Refillable so you don’t have to keep buying lighters, just butane fluid.


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