Brand : Fontana Forni

Fontana Forni Forno Toscano Mangiafuoco 39-inch Wood-fired Pizza Oven On Cart – Stainless

Fontana Forni Forno Toscano Mangiafuoco 39-Inch Wood-Fired Pizza Oven On Cart – Stainless. MANGIAFUOCO-INOX. Pizza Ovens on Cart. Now even bigger! If you need a quick and perfect crunch in a time-tested, proven oven, this is the one for you. Featuring a modern reimagining on the traditional brick oven, the Mangiafuoco pizza oven is an update over the Margherita oven and mixes efficiency and incredible speed with the authenticity of old world Italian cooking. The Mangiafuoco features a larger cooking surface than the Margherita and maintains a cold exterior that is touch-safe. Built inside and out with the 441 stainless steel, these ovens heat to temperature in an incredible 10-15 minutes, as seen in the video below. This oven works more like a traditional brick oven, where the fire is placed directly within the oven and kept to the side with a wood holder. Cook directly on the food grade cooking stone to obtain incredibly crispy brick oven crust. The insulating refractory brick layer beneath the cooking stone provides superior heat retention and will not break down over time. Two-slide-out handles and bottom caster wheels allow mobility for exact placement to your needs. For over forty years, all Fontana Forni products have been created at home in Italy with in-house metal fabrication for impeccable quality and attention to standards. Fontana Forni pizza ovens over thirty years old are still in perfect operation with minimal maintenance across Italy.


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