Brand : Flamen

Flamen Extended-Cuff Kevlar BBQ and Fireplace Glove, Fireproof, Heat Resistant To 932F

Never burn your hand again. The Flamen Extended-Cuff Premium Heat-Resistant BBQ & Fireplace Glove allows you to safely handle coals, utensils, hot food and other items while cooking at the grill. It features a grip-securing silicone pattern, and high-temperature resistant aramid fibers. You’ll have more freedom than with regular silicone gloves or oven mitts, because of the soft, flexible fabric, and articulated fingers.

Product Features
– Extended cuff offers more protection of the wrist and lower arm, which makes it great for dumping hot coals, replacing a hot grill, or working over the grill turning veggies, buns, and small cuts of meat
– Reversible glove can be worn on either the right or left hand
– Easy-to-clean – Machine washable (dry flat)
– Durable and long lasting

How Does It Work
The flame-resistant properties of the aramid fibers give you superior protection. Use it as an oven mitt or around the grill for safer handling of pots, pans, grilling tools, grates and more. Unlike flimsy oven mitts, you’ll feel secure as you juggle the tasks needed to create a perfect hot meal.

About Flamen
Flamen is a North American kitchenware brand that belongs to Aspectek, inventor and original manufacturer of various categories of electronic products for over 25 years.


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