Electric Grills Indoor Outdoor Tabletop Bbq Portable Barbeque Backyard Camping Sandwich Grilled Chicken Hamburger Burger Camp Rv Patio Grilling Countertop Kitchen Adjustable Heat And eBook By NAKSHOP

Product Description
Color: Silver
Fifteen Servings: 240 SQ
Removable Stand For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
Νon Stick Coating
Αdjustable Ηeat
Material: Μetal
Fuel Τype: Fully Εlectric
WITH ΝΟ Charcoal,Ρropane Αnd Flare Ups
Sloped Surface: To Remove Fat
Ideal For Your Backyard Or Countertop Of Kitchen

The eBook Belong To NAKSHOP And Is Register To Copyrighted


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