Brand : BBQ Guru

DigiQ BBQ Temperature Control, Digital Meat Thermometer, Big Green Egg Cooker or Ceramic

BBQ Guru’s DigiQ

The DigiQ by BBQ Guru helps solve 2 common problems: trying to achieve stable temperature in your cooker and accurately measuring your meat’s internal temperature.


Oven-Like Cooker Temperature Precision

Because the DigiQ automates cooking at precise low temperatures over several hours, it easily breaks down those tough, chewy protein fibers in meat called collagen, transforming your meal into that incredibly tender, tantalizingly juicy, and amazingly delicious BBQ we all crave. Without the DigiQ, those unstable temperature swings will quickly make your meat dry and tough.

Perfect Internal Done Temperature

Because the DigiQ’s digital thermometer constantly tracks your meat’s internal temperature, it eliminates the guesswork of knowing when your food is done. And that means you can easily pull your food off the heat at the exact moment it reaches its peak of perfection!


BBQBros – “I love mine and don’t know what I’d do without it.”

AmazingRibs – “It will save you a lot of time fiddling with your vents.”

ZDNet – “You, too, can smoke [meat] like a true competition pitmaster.”


“Absolutely incredible! Worked on our Big Green Egg for a 14 hour smoke and was totally fantastic!!!” – AC

“I bought it for my husband for Valentine’s Day, and he loves, loves, loves it!!! The food always comes out perfect!!” – Lisa D

“This is the BOMB! I love it. Smoked two fantastic turkey breasts for Thanksgiving. For the first time in many years, we didn’t have turkey leftovers!” – DRD


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