Brand : Green Grass Regulator Hose

CSA Certified Adjustable 0-20 PSI 4ft Propane Gas Regulator Hose with 1/4 in NPT and QCC-1 type Compatible with Latest Propane Tanks | 1yr Warranty

Green Grass offers our propane gas burner hose to be used as a replacement LP (LPM) hose part for burners, smokers, turkey fryers, fryers, and grills fueled by propane. The 4 ft propane gas burner hose comes with an inline gas regulator adapter adaptor guage to control the release of propane gas up to 20 PSI. If you are looking to apply up to 20 PSI of propane tank gas with a guage, look no further! Our hose easily extend propane gas up to 4 ft from your tank to your appliance.

Wondering about using liquefied petroleum as a fuel source for your BBQ, smoker, grilling or frying needs but not sure if you should make the jump? Consider the benefits of propane compared to other fuel sources and how effecient it is. Really there is no comparison. Propane is particularly useful as a portable fuel because its boiling point is -44 F (-42 C). That means that even at very low temperatures it vaporizes immediately upon release from its pressurized container resulting in a clean-burning fuel that doesn’t require a lot of equipment. Add our simple to install hose and you have everything that you need to get going.

For comparison, here is how LP Gases stack up to other fuels in terms of energy:
Propane: 21,500 BTU per pound
Butane: 21,200 BTU per pound
Gasoline: 17,500 BTU per pound
Coal: 10,000 BTU per pound
Wood: 7,000 BTU per pound

Hose Specification:
Out Pressure: 0-20 PSI
Inlet Pressure: 25-250 PSI
Length: 4 feet
Outlet Size: 1/4″ NPT
Inlet Size: QCC-Q1
Power: 3 Kg/hr

Affordably suited for your LP applications, buy yours today!


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