Brand : Compac

Compac’s Barbecue Mop-Basting Brush/Mop Easily Applies Marinades, Sauces to Any Meat on Grill or Under Broiler-Washes Out With Soap & Water-16 Inch Handle Keeps Hands Away From Flames 6 Count

Compac’s Barbecue Mop dresses your favorite meat without the mess. The BBQ Mop’s extra long handle lets you slather on your favorite sauce or marinade while grilling or broiling without getting too close to the heat. Convenient for family barbecues, cookouts, and picnics in the park, the Barbecue Mop is easy to wash with soap and water. And with 6 mops per package, you can save one for at-home barbecues and easily dispose of the other Barbecue Mops when away from home rather than haul a messy mop back with you. Unleash your inner grill master with a little help from the Barbecue Mop.
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