Brand : Charcoal Companion

Charcoal Companion CC3806 Flame Friendly Ceramic Smoker Box

From the trusted Charcoal Companion brand, this Flame Friendly ceramic smoker box distributes high heat to cook your food evenly, but is lightweight and easy to clean. Perfect for the grill. Fireproof and thermal shock resistant up to 700 F (371 C), you can use this smoker box to add flavor and moisture to your foods as you grill. Simply fill the box with pre-soaked wood chips, place on your grill grate and get cooking. The smoke and moisture vapor will emerge from the lid’s perforations and make your food flavorful and tender. Dishwasher safe. HOW TO USE: Soak the wood chips of your choice and drain well. Add chips to your smoker box, place the lid and put the box on the grill grate directly over the gas burner. Pre-heat your grill with the lid closed. As your grill heats up, smoke and moisture vapor will emerge from the smoker box’s perforations. Once the grill has come to the desired temperature, place food in the grill near smoker box and close the lid during cooking. Add more chips as needed. CAUTION: Smoker box will get very hot during use. Use heat-safe gloves when handling. Do not use on infrared grills. Be sure used wood chips are cool before disposing.


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