Brand : Fire-Ball®

Best Barbecue Grill Set ~BBQ LED Light 360 Degrees Swivel, 3 Brightness Levels, Weather Resistant + Free Electronic Timer by Fireball® & Free Screwdriver for Installing.

The Fireball® Best Barbeque Grill LED Light has been improved from the 1.0 Version.

*The 2.0 light can swivel 360 degrees, making it more flexible with a wider lighting area compared to the 1.0 version.

*The 2.0 light has three light levels: 10% for minimum light and long-lasting battery life.75% for a wide range of light lasting hours.100% for optimal vision by attaining 100 Lumens of light.

*The 2.0 light has a long screw length on the clamp, making it adjustable for a wider range of grills.

*The 2.0 light comes with Screwdriver and Automatic timer with clips wich can be placed on the Barbecue itself.

*The 2.0 light is CE and Rohs certified.The Fireball® Best Barbeque Grill LED Light is easy to install.


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