Brand : Grill Master Mat

BBQ Grill Mat. Set of 3 Heavy Duty Grilling Mats – Baking Sheets. Works on Any BBQ Grill or As an Oven Backing Pan Liner. Cut to Fit Any Size. 100% Non-stick By : Grillmastermats

Grill Master Mats – Set of 3 BBQ Grill Mats

Each set has THREE of the highest quality grill mats that make grilling anything easy!

•BBQ Accessories like this will make it possible to grill ANYTHING because nothing will fall through the grates or get scorched!
•These mats are perfect for Grilling Veggies – Shrimp – Fish – Bacon – Pizza – Pancakes – Eggs – Let`s not forget your favorite steak or just about anything else you want to put on the grill!
•Use as a Baking mat in the Oven Too!
Cookies – biscuts – pizza – breads – cakes!

You’ve probably seen advertisements for mats like this on TV, but don’t be fooled.
Buy our grill mat for the best value for your money!
Grill accessories at its best.

– Use on gas, charcoal, electric grill or oven
– Turn grill or oven on
– Place one mat on top of cooking surface
– Cut to fit if needed
– Place food on top of mat
– Keep on low-medium heat for best results
– To clean, wash with cloth, sponge or use dishwasher


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