Brand : Asdomo

ASDOMO®Gas Torch Butane Burner futuristic Cosy Ignition Camping Welding BBQ Outdoor Flamethrower

Product Description: This product does not include the tank

Flame temperature: 1350 ℃ adjustable high and low flame temperature

Cylinders can be equipped with: cassette butane gas cylinders

Gas consumption: 50 grams to 140 grams / hour. Each tank of gas could be used for 1.6 hours to 2 hours. Gas is used up, replacement of the gas tank only 2 seconds.


cake surface flame / baking

cheese cake / mousse cake mold release BBQ

Field boiling water / cooking / hot pot

Field make fire

processing ingredients

metal surface cleaning

Surface Treatment of natural stone surfaces



handicraft manufacture

Pipe Thawing

Start the engine before the rapid heating in winter

Waterproof Construction

drying, heating

This product features:

flame size can be adjusted

flame temperature can be adjusted

flame temperature up to 1350 degrees (Celsius)

about 360 degree up and down direction of flame.

replacement tank is very convenient, the replacement tank only 1 to 2 seconds can be super long hours

automatic electronic ignition


Although the quality of the flamethrower is very good, very reliable, very safe, but, after all, this product involves flammable gas and high-temperature flame, so that buyers friend must be used with care, can not let the kids play. Usually need to place children can not reach. Gas tank with gas gun use and preservation, reference household gas tank / stove and butane lighters and preservation of the use of tank


Size: 160 mm × 39 mm × 55 mm (L×W×H)

Output power: 960kcal/1.11KW/3809BTU

Burning value: 80g / h

Net weight:120g

Packing content:

1pcs Flamethrower


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