We offer the highest quality charcoal on the market. This ultra-premium charcoal, which received a 5-star premium rating, is derived from the best exotic wood available. This rare, exotic wood called, ‘Petrocarpus Erinaceus’ has been widely identified around the globe as the universally best wood for the creation of lump charcoal. This rare variety of wood can only be sourced in the western part of the African continent. Fortunately, we have been able to successfully extract this wood to provide you some of the highest quality charcoal you’ll ever find. Doing so required us to enlist the support of highly-skilled professionals that possessed exclusive knowledge on how to pick the wood by hand. We went to these great lengths in order to guarantee you, the customer, that our process was designed with the intentions of optimizing the level of quality in the resulting coal. Properties of the Charcoal One of the best properties of our 5-star, ultra-premium charcoal is that it is entirely organic and devoid of any additional chemicals or harmful pollutants. Thus, you’ll find that when you put the coal to use it will burn in a clean and efficient manner with no spark or smoke at all. Typically, we’ve observed that our coal can last up to 4-8 hours, which is an incredible length of time. One of the greatest aspects of this incredibly high-quality charcoal is that it can be bought for personal use or in a restaurant establishment as well. Thus, if you’re looking to provide that realistic ‘grilled’ taste to your food, then this is the perfect charcoal for you to use


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