Brand : Generic

4pcs Caulking Tool Kit Joint Sealant Silicone Grout Remover Scraper Blue


Color: Blue
Quantity: 4 pcs / set
Made from environmental friendly material, fully recyclable
4 specially designed finishing tools to create perfect edges
Easy to maintenance, use soapy water or cloth to clean the tools
Comes with hardy plastic storage box

Instruction: (please check the photos)

A-1: use its smooth rear side can easily remove the excess sealant from the joint, only need little contact pressure for removing
A-3: this tool is useful in expansion joints, first use its straight edge to smooth, and then use its fitting concave radius for deeper remove
A-4: its angle is suitable to clean the narrow locations
A-5: this tool is useful when the sealant is still fresh, or you can cover some fresh sealant on the dirt to help remove, can use it in any location

Package Includes:

4 x Sealant remove tools


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