Brand : YW Creating

32” Corrosion-Resistant Iron-Zinc Alloy Thicker Charcoal Grill – Portable BBQ Grill, Yakitori Grill, Kebab Grill, Satay Grill. Makes Juicy Shish Kebab, Shashlik (32″ Premium Edition)

Size of Grill (L x W x H) : 32″ x 8″ x 5″ / Grill with Stand Height: 31.5″.

Package Includes

  • 1 x Grill,
  • 1 x Stand,
  • 2 x Vent control panels,
  • 3 x Stainless Steel Seasoning Shakers,
  • 1 x Shakers side holder,
  • 1 x Grill Grates (20 inches x 8 inches),
  • 5 x Big size wood handle skewers,
  • 10 x Medium size wood handle skewers,
  • 50 x Iron skewers

This grill is specially designed so that skewers can sit on both sides of the grill, allowing meat in the middle to be cooked right in the center of the heat.
Gone are the days that the meats are only half cooked when the wooden sticks are starting to burn! Grilling skewers on a traditional gas grill is a tough task. Traditional grill’s heat is concentrated in the center of the grill. On one hand, placing skewers on the edge of the grill will only have the top portion of the skewer contact the heat. On the other hand, placing skewers in the center of the grill will risk having the wooden stick burned all together. It is hard to find a perfect way to cook skewers on a traditional grill. An 8 inches width grill solves the problem. Since this grill is 8 inches wide, only a small portion of the wooden skewer is exposed to the heat. Not only it’ll cook the meat perfectly in between, the skewers will be free from the heat source and can be turned with ease. Contact-less grilling on skewers means food will not get stuck on the grate, further reducing the risk of teared skin such as those on chicken wings. This will produce moist and juicy barbecue every time when done correctly.
With air ventilation design on both ends of the grill, air flow can be easily controlled and heat will be evenly distributed throughout the grill.
Needless to say, this grill can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. Fold-able legs design saves space so that the grill can be conveniently stored in the trunk.


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