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How to choose between a Gas Grill & Charcoal Barbecue

I am guessing that since you have arrived at this page you might just be one of them and looking for some guidance.  With it being such a huge market the choice is immense.  You may have always used a Charcoal Grill and are wondering whether to upgrade to a Gas Grill.  Of course you don’t have to give up with Charcoal as there are now Combination Grills that bring you the best of both the taste of Charcoal grilled food, the convenience of a Gas Grill and many even provide the ability to smoke food too.

I read somewhere recently that it is forecast that over 45% of US households will this year be either buying their first Barbecue or trading in their existing Barbecue for a new one.  That’s a lot of grills.

When deciding between Charcoal Barbecues and Gas Barbecues, there are a few things to consider but for many it is simply personal preference.   I for one love the taste of food cooked over Charcoal, when I don’t manage to burn it of course, but a Gas Grill can be brought into action immediately, no waiting for the charcoal to get red hot and is ideal for that spontaneous gathering of friends.

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Many claim that food cooked on a Gas Grill often lacks that distinct flavor associated with cooking meat over real charcoal coals. Many consider that this taste is what grilling over charcoal is all about.  Men when at the Charcoal Grill can be so competitive taking lots of pride in the ability to get the charcoal burning and maintain it at just the right temperature throughout the cooking  .

Gas Grills of course offer the perfect fire at the  turn of a knob and the temperature can be controlled so easily – no more suasages dark on the outside yet uncooked in the middle, as can be the case with red hot charcoal.   Another benefit of Gas Grills is the ease with which they can be cleaned no ash to rake up and dispose of.

Just to make the choice even harder taste tests have shown that the flavour difference of food cooked on Gas compared to Charcoal is negligible.   I guess one further comment that I make is that with the controlability of a Gas Grill, food is generally more consistent – no more do you want your sausage golden, dark or burnt.  Pureist Charcoal Grillers would however argue that the array of different colors and textures is part of the fun.

Many checking out the various Grills will of course notice immediately the difference in cost between Charcoal Grills and Gas Grills but if you keep the Gas Grill for a reasonable period of time the extra expense is not so great when you take into account the cost of charcoal, lighters, starter fuel, etc.

Whilst I do love the real barbecue feel of a meal cooked on Charcoal I have to say I am swayed by the convenience of a Gas Grill.   Of course being a man I am attracted by the wonderful gadgetry that you find on some of the very sophisticated Gas Grills like this array from Lynx Grills.   What family wouldn’t like to have this outdoor kitchen.

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